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T-shirts are an extraordinary marketing tool for your business!


With today’s social media being over-saturated with ads, and every company under the sun trying to promote themselves. Using tee shirts to market your company proves to be a simple, and very effective way to go about it. Just like the saying goes, “Sometimes less is more.”.

As we already know, most people in our modern society need to wear clothes, at least I am always told to put on a shirt. Not to mention almost everyone loves a tee shirt. One of the main reasons t-shirts advertising works so well is because your banner goes wherever the person goes. A mobile billboard if you will. Not only that, but shirts work as an almost constant stream of promotion. Whenever said person decides to put it on, it’s not only a much cheaper method of advertisement, shirts also have a longer lifetime of marketing than any promotional campaign you’d pay for on social media.

Many promotional items are kept around for multiple years, I know I have some favorites from years ago. However, t-shirts are one of the most retained promotional items with an average lifetime of 14 months and an average of 3,400 impressions on people viewing the t-shirt. If you split that out with the average cost of promotional t-shirts the return is so fantastic its a wonder everyone doesn’t use them more!

T-shirts with colorful and custom eye catching graphics are a great advantage to have in today’s business world. It shows a sense of professionalism and creates a vibe of team ethics for your company. Even more so than business cards, as necessary as they are for companies. Yet one of the cons with business cards is you have to physically hold them in your hand, and read. With tee shirts, they’re right there, and in your face. You almost can’t help but read them, even if you don’t realize it, because it was absorbed by the subconscious. I’m not condoning subliminal advertising, but the human psyche is still something that should be greatly considered.

In closing, I’d like to mention that there are several methods to advertise your company, and the words I wrote for this article are just a few reasons, among many, why t-shirts are the most effective marketing tool. All I know is based on the information I’ve obtained from popular opinion, and the choice is very clear… T-SHIRTS!!

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