Pep Club Locker teams up with Order My Gear

Pep Club Locker is proud to now offer Team and Group Sites by OrderMyGear!

This year Pep Club Locker has partnered with Order My Gear, the platform that millions of athletes, students, parents, and businesses trust every year for their group gear.

The great Pep Club Service along with the technology platform of Order My Gear we can offer a complete solution for your group, team, or fundraiser.  Imagine:

  • No more worry about collecting paper forms!
  • No more worry or liability about collecting money for orders!
  • No more printed flyers!
  • Track if each team member has ordered the required gear! 

 With over 30,000  products pre-loaded into the software Pep Club Locker can quickly build out spirit gear and team gear sets for your team or group.

Order My Gear brings us:

  • Customers order and pay for items individually!
  • Each store creates reports of what was purchased and by who!
  • Online catalogs allow you to share selected gear with the coach, the parents or the team lead!
  • Automated reminders to group members, flyer (if you really need them) and other materials to get the word out about your team and spirit gear!

Everything is still produced in house we just have made it that much easier for teams and groups to get the word out about the gear they offer. So call today and let us set up your next team or group spirit gear sale online.