Our Story

Our Story

I actually started printing shirts by accident. In 2014 and 2015 I was working on a Software as a Service platform for education. Its not important why I wanted to build that but I had secured a meeting with a few people who might be interested in using or leasing the platform. To make myself look the best I wanted to get some shirts that had the logo and tagline of the company on them.  The platforms I looked at to get those printed were fine but it was going to take weeks to get and for what I was getting were a bit expensive.

After a bit of investigation I found that I could make my own shirts with some heat press vinyl, an iron and steady hand with a razor blade. I was not very satisfied with the outcome since I don’t have a steady hand at all. From those humble beginnings I was hooked.  Here was a creative outlet I could use to promote my business and help others maybe promote their business.

So I found myself talking to more and more people about making shirts and printing other items as well.  I found I liked the whole printing business more than the software business and so I sold off the domain of the software I was building and set up shop to start printing shirts. 

Living in a small town I was a bit worried about the size of my market.  I quickly found I can reach a larger audience by word of mouth and social media. Another great selling point is how I have found that I can take away pain points for coaches and boosters by taking the money online so they don't have to worry about it and taking orders online so coaches and boosters don't have to worry about lost and missed order forms.

Move ahead 5 years and I am now screen printing a few hundred shirts a month and slowly expanding my customer base.

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