Amazing Girl Squad Names

Calling all girl gangs! Is your group of gals looking for a squad name? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of some of the best girl squad names around. Once you find one that suits your crew, be sure to browse our huge selection of cute and comfy ladies t-shirts and tank tops. Then lets us help you make he perfect design for your next night out, girls trip, or special event.


31 Name Ideas for Your Girl Squad

Chick Clique


Babe Bunch


The Matriarchy


Pink Hats

Femme Fetale

Pretty Pack

Leading Ladies

Pantsuit Sisters

Girl Gang

Hustlin’ Honeys 

Venus Vixens

Wonder Women

The Female Force

Ceiling Shatterers

Queen Bees


Sister Tribe


HERstory Makers

Slick Chicks

Lady Loves

Flossy Posse

Girls, Manterrupted

Woke Women

Girl Bosses

Female AF

Get It Girls

Slay All Day

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