10 of the Most Iconic Custom Tees ever made

Why are custom tees a great advertising item?  Look at some of the most successful designs for t-shirts. Some of these have outlived the brand they represent and some have become cultural icons.

Frankie Say Relax

Frankie Say RELAX t-shirt

To overrule censoring of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood song “Relax,” in 1984, label owner Paul Morley prints “FRANKIE SAY RELAX” on T-shirts. It has become something of an graphical inspiration in recent years, with block letter tees becoming all the rage.

Just Do It

Nike - Just do it t-shirt

Advertising exec Dan Wieden credits his inspiration for this iconic advertising campaign to the final words of a convict before execution. Hey! If he can face the firing squad, you can definitely run that marathon.

..All I got was this lousy shirt

All I got was this t-shirt - t-shirt

As custom t-shirts gained popularity as destination-travel gifts, a humorous backlash developed in the form of this saying on t-shirts for nearly every spot imaginable.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm t-shirt

Designed in 1939 to raise British morale during WWII but not publicly displayed until rediscovery in 2000, Keep Calm and Carry On speaks to a new generation of beleaguered masses.



D.A.R.E. t-shirt

In 1983, the International Drug Abuse Resistance Education program spread across the United States, providing free shirts, and what inadvertently has turned into sleepwear for an entire generation of schoolkids.


The next three represent some of the most recognizable icons in the world.


Classic Batman logo t-shirt


Classic Superman logo t-shirt


Classic Flash logo t-shirt


Classic 'COLLEGE' t-shirt

Providing comic relief in the film Animal House, John Belushi has become something of an icon for college guys everywhere based on his portrayal of oafy fraternity bro, Bluto. A poster of him wearing this shirt (really a sweater) can now be seen on dorm room walls across the country


I ♥ New York

I love NY t-shirt

In an almost eureka moment, designer Milton Glaser sketches “I ♥ NY” on a napkin and the logo appears on T-shirts soon after. It then becomes one of the most worn t-shirts of all time. And our most iconic!


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